PPS Motor Mount Combo for Arrma 6s BLX Cars
PPS Motor Mount Combo for Arrma 6s BLX Cars
PPS Motor Mount Combo for Arrma 6s BLX Cars

PPS Motor Mount Combo for Arrma 6s BLX Cars

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So here you are. You might have decided to pull the trigger on some sweet new PPS parts, but don't want to add everything individually to your cart? Or you don't want to miss something? 

Well, this is for you my friend. 

There are still a few options for you to choose from, so choose wisely. I am going to try to make this page as simple as possible, but I realized there are still a few options that need to be worked through. 

This package will include:
Motor Mount (in the chosen size)
Differential Cap (With or Without Roll Bar/E-Brake Mount) 
Differential Mount (H Brace thing)

The Options:
First, What motor are you planning on running? 
Second, what is this going into? Is it an onroad car like the Limitless? Or offroad like the Kraton?

Here is a decent guide if you need some help choosing. 

This mount is available with two interchangeable inserts. One 25mm, and one 30mm. 

The 25mm is suitable for the stock motor, and other "Small Can" motors. The Castle 1717, Hobbywing 4985, and stock Kraton 8s motor will require the 25mm insert. You will likely need the 25mm insert if your motor size starts with a 4xxxx. Or 1500kv and up. 

The 30mm is suitable for larger 1/5 scale "Coke Can" motors, such as the Castle 2028, Hobbywing 5698, or TP 56XXx series motors. Typical KV range of 1400 or lower will require the 30mm insert. If the motor size starts with a 5xxx You will likely need the 30mm insert for it. 

The ONLY TRUE factor is the screw spacing itself and please double check your motor before ordering. If it can bolt to the stock motor mount, you need the 25mm. If it can't you need the 30mm. The Motor size is the second most reliable way to measure your motor. KV will give you a hint, but it is not a reliable way to measure your motor size. Please do not buy a specific size motor mount insert based solely on KV.

And of course, if you are still not certain, or you are playing with motor combos often, or you want to run it now, but buy for a bigger motor in the future, you can buy the combo with BOTH motor inserts. 

The other big option is the roll bar/Brake mount. 
Onroad cars, such as the limitless and infraction V1 do not need roll bar mounts. If you took the brake off your v2 Infraction, you also do not need the v2 infraction brake mount. 

Offroad cars, such as the Mojave and Kraton with the roll cage, you will need roll bar mounts.

If you have an offroad car, and don't use the factory roll cage, and nothing attaches to your center diff housing, select the "Offroad WITHOUT roll bar mount" option.

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Jason F.
United States United States
PPS motor mount combo

I build custom motorcycles and cars, so I’m hard to impress. When I received the package, and started unpacking the mount, I noticed the packaging, and the care taken to make sure this work of art made it to me in perfect condition. Nice touch!