BOPO Arrma V4 Screw Adjust Motor Mount
BOPO Arrma V4 Screw Adjust Motor Mount
BOPO Arrma V4 Screw Adjust Motor Mount
BOPO Arrma V4 Screw Adjust Motor Mount
BOPO Arrma V4 Screw Adjust Motor Mount
BOPO Arrma V4 Screw Adjust Motor Mount
BOPO Arrma V4 Screw Adjust Motor Mount

BOPO Arrma V4 Screw Adjust Motor Mount

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 ***This is the BACKORDER LISTING*** 

Estimated ship date is 05/20/21

This listing is here only as a backup in case I'm sold out! Please choose the other listing HERE if it is not sold out yet. If you want one ASAP, I recommend placing a backorder. I make sure to make enough parts to fill backorders, but might not have many left beyond that! Anyway... On to the details!!

This stunning piece is a motor mount for the Arrma 6s 1/8 and 1/7 scale platform. It features the stock style convenient top bolts, but has a cool trick up its sleeve... a screw driven gear lash adjuster! 

Long gone are the days chasing that perfect gear lash. Having everything set in just about the right spot, just for it to move the second you tighten up the bolts. 

The stainless steel screw serves dual purpose. Not only does it adjust the gear lash, but it also serves as an internal torque anchor. It ties the motor plate right to center mass of the mount. 

Featuring cooling fins for both style and function. They may not be huge, but there's nearly a 100% increase of surface area right at the motor, where the turbulent air of the gears can sweep some heat away. No, it probably won't replace a motor heatsink/fan, however even little things can make a difference. Plus it looks badass!  

This will bolt into any of the Arrma 6s V4 BLX vehicles with the top loading center differential however the screw adjuster is low on the mount. On the Notorious/Outkast, and Mojave platforms with tall side guards, a hole may be drilled for easy access. Otherwise, you could use a wrench. 

This mount has more range in it than a factory mount does. You could run up to a 34t pinion on a 36t spur! 

Also available with a 30mm spacing motor plate to allow you to run LARGE motors up to 60mm in diameter! (You will need to trim the side guards on the Kraton for sure, possibly the same story with other models but I cannot guarantee it. You would need to do this with ANY mount you choose. Big motors are BIG!!)

This mount is available with two interchangeable inserts. One 25mm, and one 30mm. 

The 25mm is suitable for the stock motor, and other "Small Can" motors. The Castle 1717, Hobbywing 4985, and stock Kraton 8s motor will require the 25mm insert. You will likely need the 25mm insert if your motor size starts with a 4xxxx. Or 1500kv and up. 

The 30mm is suitable for larger 1/5 scale "Coke Can" motors, such as the Castle 2028, Hobbywing 5698, or TP 56XXx series motors. Typical KV range of 1400 or lower will require the 30mm insert. If the motor size starts with a 5xxx You will likely need the 30mm insert for it. 

The ONLY TRUE factor is the screw spacing itself and please double check your motor before ordering. If it can bolt to the stock motor mount, you need the 25mm. If it can't you need the 30mm. The Motor size is the second most reliable way to measure your motor. KV will give you a hint, but it is not a reliable way to measure your motor size. Please do not buy a specific size motor mount insert based solely on KV.

I measure my mounts with TOTAL TOOTH COUNT (TTC). The TTC is the number you get when you add the spur and pinion teeth together. A 30t pinion and 34 tooth spur will be a TTC of 64.  

The 25mm version will allow for a TTC Between 60 and 81 Teeth. 
The 30mm version will allow for a TTC Between 71 and 92 Teeth.

You can achieve a TON of gear ratios within this TTC range. 

For instance, If you want to run 1:2 gearing,  a 44 tooth spur with a 22t pinion will do the job. 44+22=76, and falls within range of both mount options.

A 30t spur and a 15t pinion is also 1:2 ratio, but it will not work because it's TTC of 45 (30+15) is Less than the 60t minimum of the 25mm mount. 

Both gear RATIOS are the same, however the tooth count is different.

So if you find yourself wanting a 1:1 ratio with a 29t limitless spool, you won't be able to do it without changing your spur gear to at least a 30t and 30t on the pinion for a 25mm motor, or a 36t pinion and 36t spur for the 30mm mount. 

I hope that helps!



I am working very hard to keep up with demand while also designing new products! I run a batch of these every week, and make certain that I fill the previous weeks backlog.  It is possible that I may only have a couple extra every week after filling the backlog, and if you are waiting for it to be IN STOCK you might miss it. Backordering this mount guarantees you one of the mounts in the current run.

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Mathew S.
United States United States
Stunning piece of machining

In my opinion it's the hands down best motor mount on the market, gear meshing made easy and it looks amazing doing it ! Delivery was quick and the packaging was amazing with individual pieces coming in their own 3D printed cases . On top of that I had some questions about weather it would work with my large motor , PPS researched my motor and made sure I got the correct part , fantastic customer service and I will gladly do business with them again

john b.
United States United States
Simply the best on the market

Perfect fit perfect finish well packaged fast prompt service

John P.
United States United States
Motor mount

I love it so much I bought three of them!

Chris A.
Australia Australia
Amazing Quality overall!

Couldn't ask for anything better it makes gear meshing and motor swapping a piece of cake highly Everything fits sits tight highly recommended