Out of stock?

Hello! Thank you so much for considering a PPS-RC part for your vehicle! 

If something is out of stock, it won't be for long.

I am constantly striving to keep products in stock and shipped ASAP.

Parts in batches, and in a cycle. My cycle takes a about a week currently. So if something is on backorder, it won't be for long.

As the cycle rotates, I will be inserting new products as they are developed. Preorders help me gauge the batch size and interest of the new part. So when something goes on preorder, I'm inserting it at the end of the run cycle. The preorder sales funds help to buy the materials, tooling and fixturing to run large enough batches to meet demand.

Both backorders and preorders are first come, first serve. I do make enough parts to fulfil all backorders and preorders on that batch, however there may not be many/any left to put in inventory until the next cycle. Long story short, If you want something you see is out of stock ASAP, please place a backorder/preorder. It's possible that a part may not show "In Stock" for a couple weeks.

Subsequently, I may simply forget to update the website inventory. It is possible that I have the parts sitting on the shelf but I never put them into the computer inventory. I cannot guarantee that will always be the case however it does happen.

Anyway, the bottom line is... if something is out of stock, it won't be for long. If this changes and there becomes a serious backlog, or lead times change I will keep everyone updated.

I am using this page to inform you of the current production schedule so you may have a better idea of when to expect backorders to be filled. 

This list will be maintained frequently. 

K8s Motor Mount inserts IN PRODUCTION. Expected Ship Date is 3/12/20

Dates are subject to change, however this should give you an idea of what to expect!