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3d printed Reciever Box and ESC Mount for Traxxas Sledge

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ESC Mount

This is the enclosed RX mount with ESC tray for the Traxxas sledge. If you purchased a PPS Grublock Mount kit without an ESC mount, or with the "Tape Deck" and want the box instead, this will work. This will not work with a stock motor configuration Sledge. 


This mount will fit the Castle MMX8s, Hobbywing Max8, Max6, and the stock sledge ESC. The XLX2/ MAX4/MAX5 WILL NOT FIT ON TOP. 

This box bolts in where your stock motor mount used to. You must reuse your stock RX box cover, gasket and antenna tube.

These parts are 3d printed in strong UV/weatherproof plastic (ASA/PETG). Colors may vary from the photos, but the box will be generally black or gray. The MMX8s hold down will be blue primarily, but possibly "clear". (Based on the availability of the blue).