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Arrma 6s v4 Motor Clamp

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If you've got an Arrma 6s with the v4 style motor mount, you'll notice the steel screws marr and dig into the aluminum mount. Over time, this makes gear lash adjustment troublesome! 


The PPS Motor Clamp is a beautifully machined piece of 6061 T6 aluminum that spreads the force of the screws over a larger surface area, simultaneously increasing grip while keeping the motor mount in great shape! 


Includes new, fresh, high quality hardware. This will not allow you to run small or stock gearing with the stock center diff cover. You will need to shave the plastic diff cover down a bit to fit if using a stock motor mount. OR you can use the PPS diff cover! (Without roll bar mounts only).

On the PPS Screw adjuster mount it works fine and this is a factory replacement part.