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  • Grublock motor mount set for the Sledge
  • The machined parts included (Hardware not shown)
  • Same as before but YELLOW
  • How the GRUBLOCK system works
  • This is a Castle 2028 motor installed on the Grublock combo without any 3d printed parts (Ignore the little ones on the diff cap. That was part of RND :))
  • The Tape Deck ESC/RX Mount
  • The MMX8s ESC hold down
  • This is the RX Box with ESC Mount. The stock Sledge ESC will bolt to it.
  • Castle 1717 with Castle MMX8s, installed with the RX Box and MMX8s mount
  • This is a Castle 2028, fitting like a glove!
  • Top motor is stock. Below that is a Castle 1717, and below that is a Castle 2028. All three will bolt right in! (One at a time... not all at once haha)
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Grublock Motor Mount for Traxxas Sledge

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ESC Mount

This is the PPS Grublock motor mount kit for the Traxxas Sledge! 

This is not your typical motor mount. It moves your motor from the front of the truck to the back and it gives you the freedom to mount so many more motor sizes in your Traxxas Sledge. Not only that but you get the fine adjusting and gear mesh locking action of the PPS GRUBLOCK System! 

The Sledge Grublock motor mount is compatible with 25mm AND 30mm bolt spacing motors such as the Castle 1717/1721, Hobbywing 4985-1600kv, "Coke Can" 5687/56113/2028 series motors and more! You do need to be sure that 8mm diameter the motor shafts are at least 25mm long. (MOST of them are!)

This mount will work with the stock 52t spur gear (but no bigger) as well as open you up to a very wide range of gearing possibilities.

25mm screw spacing motors can accept a TTC or Total Tooth Count between 65-98 teeth. To find your TTC, simply add the number of teeth on your pinion and spur gear together. For instance, a 52 tooth spur, and 12t pinion has a TTC of 64. 64 is 1 less than 65, and will not mesh. The 52t Spur gear would need a 13-46 tooth pinion to mesh. 

Motors with a 30mm screw spacing will mesh a TTC of 71-101.

There will be a need to drill one extra hole in the chassis, for ultimate strength. A 3d printed template will be included so you can precisely mark that holes location. Both a button head and countersunk screw will be supplied, so that if you don't want to countersink that hole you don't have to, but you could if you did. 

Other than the extra screw hole, no other permanent modifications are required. This was designed around the stock sledge, and is compatible with stock sledge parts. I cannot guarantee fitment with other aftermarket parts manufacturers. If there is an issue with a popular aftermarket part, I will do my best to accommodate fitment with that part if possible. (The unknown unknowns!)

ESC/Receiver Relocation is required! I have made 2 options to facilitate relocation. First is a 3d printed receiver box, with a top mounted ESC tray. It reuses your stock Receiver box lid and gasket. It has a built in antenna mount, and all threaded holes have brass thread inserts for ultimate reliability. There is room for most of the ESC's you would run. The Hobbywing Max6 will fit, but the Max4/5 and Castle XLX2 will not. 

The other option is the Tape Deck setup. They are flat trays that bolt in and give you places to double sided tape your components to. It would be a very tight squeeze, and things would be crooked, but you could get a Hobbywing Max5 ESC to fit on the Tape Deck. The XLX2/Max4 will not fit. 

Purchase Options:

The WITHOUT option ESC MOUNT is the Grublock motor mount combo without any additional 3d printed parts, if you'd like to work out your own RX and ESC mount solution. (Below)

The FOR NON MMX8s option will be the RX Box base and ESC tray. (Below)

The FOR MMX8s ESC option will include the RX Box, ESC tray AND a  Castle MMX8s specific hold down and switch mount. (Below)

The Tape Deck is a low profile shelf that mounts where the motor used to. It gives you a larger flat surface you can double sided tape your electronics to. There is also a second shelf above the center driveshaft which is perfect for your receiver. There is an antenna mount built in to the RX mount too! As for mounting options, it can give you the most flexibility. Just like the RX Box, it bolts to the chassis with metal threads. (Below)

(The second photo is an example of a Tape Deck layout)

The 3d printed ESC mounts are still final development. Some details of the mount like color, shape, material, hardware and even smell are subject to change. The final product however will do what is expected of it. 

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Please restock !!!

Eric SVG verified by SHOP
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Great manufacturing quality and easy install & even got some customer support

John SVG verified by SHOP
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Perfect fit! Self explanatory install

Logan SVG verified by SHOP
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Perfect fit, great finish and great product.

Dude p.
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New hobbywing g2 1250 kv 56 mm I need this!!